Are all Technical Writers the same?

No. Technical Writers come in different flavors and different levels for each flavor. Flavor refers to a particular industry or discipline and level indicates the amount of experience or expertise the person possesses in the flavor.

Examples of flavors:

       Health industry

       Software development

       Manufacturing processes

       Banking or accounting

       Mortgage industry

       Snack food industry

Explanation of levels:

Technical Writer 1–Fairly new at the craft (1 to 2 years’ experience). Requires supervision throughout the accomplishment of the task.

Technical Writer 2–No longer a rookie (3 to 5 years’ experience). Supervisor delegates the task and checks progress status on a regular basis.

Technical Writer 3–Journeyman (6 to 9 years’ experience). Supervisor delegates the project and the writer submits/presents status reports to management.

Technical Writer 4–Seasoned veteran (10+ years’ experience). Management consults with the writer on documentation needs. The writer suggests project phases/milestones and keeps management apprised of progress. This person may supervise more junior writers.


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